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Intimacy & Marriage Christmas Pack

Authentic Intimacy

Intimacy & Marriage Christmas Pack

$ 27.00

Gift yourself (or your best gal pal!) the ultimate girl-power how-to. If you've ever been taught sex was mainly for your husband's enjoyment or that unconditional submission was your lot as a wife, you've probably discovered those beliefs hardly promote passionate intimacy. This book bundle will help you learn the importance of sexual passion (yes, passion!) in marriage and recognize and reject common myths all too many of us were taught about sex, pleasure, gender roles in marriage, and more, in light of God's Word. 

The Intimacy & Marriage Christmas Pack includes a copy of Passion Pursuit and Finding the Hero in Your Husband. The books will come wrapped in a Christmas ribbon, and a note will be included if you purchase this pack as a gift.*

*If you would like to purchase this pack as a gift for someone else, please include a message for your gift recipient when you checkout. 

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