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Rethinking Sexuality Christmas Pack

Authentic Intimacy

Rethinking Sexuality Christmas Pack

$ 25.00

The perfect gift for someone who’s always asking, “Why?” This two-book bundle gets to the heart of God’s design for sexuality and provides a deeper understanding of how it is rooted in the broader context of His love. It also addresses questions you've always wanted to ask about sex—on everything from what's OK in the bedroom to gender identity issues to sexual addiction—with biblical wisdom.

The Rethinking Sexuality Christmas Pack includes a copy of Rethinking Sexuality and 25 Questions You're Afraid to Ask About Love, Sex, and Intimacy. The books will come wrapped in a Christmas ribbon, and a note will be included if you purchase this pack as a gift.*

*If you would like to purchase this pack as a gift for someone else, please include a message for your gift recipient when you checkout. 

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