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God, Sex, and Your Marriage Small Group Curriculum - Digital Videos

Authentic Intimacy

God, Sex, and Your Marriage Small Group Curriculum - Digital Videos

$ 30.00

This video curriculum is intended to be paired with the God, Sex, and Your Marriage Workbook and God, Sex, and Your Marriage book, each sold separately.

If you're planning to do this study with your spouse, consider our Couples Bundle for a discount on two workbooks and the videos. Or, if you have already purchased these items separately, the videos are a perfect compliment to help you through this study.  For those using this curriculum to lead a small group, we offer a discount when purchasing ten workbooks at one time.

This product includes nine 10-minute teaching videos by Dr. Juli Slattery.


  • Session 1: What Does a Healthy Sex Life Look Like?
  • Session 2: Understanding God's Story of Sex
  • Session 3: Pursuing Sexual Integrity
  • Session 4: Pillar One | Faithfulness
  • Session 5: Pillar Two | Intimate Knowing
  • Session 6: Pillar Three | Sacrificial Love
  • Session 7: Pillar Four | Passionate Celebration
  • Session 8: Overcoming Barriers
  • Bonus Session 9: Confronting Counterfeit Intimacy


Please note: Small group curriculum videos may be shared with small groups of less than 20 individuals. A Corporate Pass must be purchased for groups larger than 20.

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