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Authentic Intimacy

Reclaim 2.0 Exclusive Bundle: God, Sex, and Your Marriage for the Couple

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NOTEThis bundle is exclusive to Reclaim 2.0 participants. Receive a $15 discount when you order today. This limited-time offer is only available for addresses in the United States. 

How you think about sex matters. 

Each of us has a picture of what sex is supposed to look like. The picture often is shaped by culture, the Church, and your own personal experiences. 

This 9-week couples study is designed for you and your spouse to go through together as a companion to the "God, Sex, and Your Marriage" book and helps you answer the question, “What is a healthy sex life supposed to look like?" You and your spouse may be surprised to learn that God’s Word has practical answers to that question!

This package includes:

  • one "God, Sex, and Your Marriage" book
  • two workbooks (9 sessions each)
  • teaching videos by Dr. Juli Slattery (9 streaming sessions)
  • a free digital conversation guide, "Let's Talk About Sex"


  • Session 1: What Does a Healthy Sex Life Look Like?
  • Session 2: Understanding God's Story of Sex
  • Session 3: Pursuing Sexual Integrity
  • Session 4: Pillar One | Faithfulness
  • Session 5: Pillar Two | Intimate Knowing
  • Session 6: Pillar Three | Sacrificial Love
  • Session 7: Pillar Four | Passionate Celebration
  • Session 8: Overcoming Barriers
  • Bonus Session 9: Confronting Counterfeit Intimacy

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